Dr. Joshua D. Wilson, D.C.

Dr. Joshua D. Wilson was born in El Reno, OK and raised in Oklahoma City. He began playing baseball as a young age and continued to play up through high school, at which point he had to quit playing due to aches and pains in his back and knees. A few years went by until he met a chiropractor at a local gym who began talking to Dr. Wilson about how chiropractic could help him recover from a recent car wreck he was in. After a few visits Dr. Wilson not only noticed his injuries from the car wreck had improved, but he no longer had the aches and pains in his knees and back. With this he was able to become more involved with weight lifting, which led him to become a certified personal trainer. Dr. Wilson spent the next few years helping transform people's health for the better. All the while the chiropractor who helped turned his life around pushed Dr. Wilson into following the path of becoming a D.C. After some convincing from his wife Dr. Wilson followed through with this path to achieve his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Wilson graduated from Parker Chiropractic College where he received his Doctorate of Chiropractic, along with a Bachelors in Anatomy, and Health and Wellness. He is married to his wife Ashley and they have two boys, Cooper and Cade. They live in Edmond, OK and attend Life Church. 

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